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Deep Clean

Our 5 Star Rated House Deep Cleaning Service in Lincoln City, Oregon

Includes Standard Cleaning Services

  • Floors: All floors swept/vacuumed/mopped (light lifting of furniture in hard to reach areas)
  • Garbage: All garbage will be removed.
  • Kitchen: Clean all counter surfaces, sink, stovetop, and appliances.
  • Bathroom: Clean whole toilet, tub, sink/counter, and mirror.
  • Living Room/Bedrooms/Common Areas: Dusting/wiping all surfaces, mirrors, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Deep Cleaning Services

  • Windows: Seals, tracks, and trim of every reachable window (with step stool).
  • Baseboards: Clean all baseboards in home.
  • Blinds: Dust blinds throughout home.
  • Kitchen: Oven, microwave, outside cupboards, and inside refrigerator (MUST be empty)
  • Bathroom: Remove all soap build up in shower/bath, and vacuum out vent.


$0.42 per SQ Foot
$400 minimum charge

A Clean Getaway LLC is committed to bringing you the best deep cleaning services on the Oregon Coast. Based out of Lincoln City, Oregon, we offer our deep cleaning services to the greater northern half of Lincoln County, and the southern area of South Tillamook County.