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Move-In / Move-Out Clean

Our Deepest Cleaning Service Available!

Includes our Standard Cleaning Services

  • Floors: All floors swept/vacuumed/mopped (light lifting of furniture in hard to reach areas)
  • Garbage: All garbage will be removed.
  • Kitchen: Clean all counter surfaces, sink, stovetop, and appliances.
  • Bathroom: Clean whole toilet, tub, sink/counter, and mirror.
  • Living Room/Bedrooms/Common Areas: Dusting/wiping all surfaces, mirrors, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Includes our Deep Cleaning Services

  • Windows: Seals, tracks, and trim of every reachable window (with step stool).
  • Baseboards: Clean all baseboards in home.
  • Blinds: Dust blinds throughout home.
  • Kitchen: Oven, microwave, outside cupboards, and inside refrigerator (MUST be empty)
  • Bathroom: Remove all soap build up in shower/bath, and vacuum out vent.

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Services

  • Walls: Spot removal
  • Cupboards/Drawers: Inside and outside every drawer/cupboard/shelf.


$0.42 per SQ Foot
$350 minimum charge

A Clean Getaway LLC is committed to bringing you the best move-in/move-out cleaning services on the Oregon Coast. Based out of Lincoln City, Oregon, we offer our move-in/move-out cleaning services to the greater northern half of Lincoln County, and the southern area of South Tillamook County.